We have taxi cars for 4 passengers and minibuses for 8 passengers. We also have taxis for people with special needs. Some of the taxis are equipped with a wheelchair ramp. Even stretcher equipment is available.

Our cars are guaranteed to ensure travel comfort in all conditions due to our professional drivers.

  • 4-person taxis
  • 8-person minibuses
  • Taxis for disabled people, some of which are equipped with a wheelchair ramp
  • Stretcher equipment

Whether you want to go fishing or hiking in Inari, Näätämö, Teno, Kevo, Kessi, the wilderness of Hammastunturi, or if you want to see the rugged sights of Norway and go to Nordkapp or Kirkenes, where you can take a Hurtigruten boat, we will organize the transport.

Price list

Base fee 8,00 €


fare passengers €/km  +  €/min
I 1-3 1,10 € + 1,05 €
II 4-8 1,70 € + 1,05 €
waiting time 1,05 € / min

Extra fees:

  • Service fee for taxis with special equipment 15,00 €
  • Stretcher transfer 30,00 € + fare II
  • Sizeable luggage and animals starting from 5,00 €
  • Skis 5,00 €
  • Car clean-up starting from 50,00€ Car clean-up will be charged if the car must be cleaned after the customer (for example, animal hair etc.).

It is prohibited to eat and drink without the permission of the driver. In this case also, the customer is responsible for the costs of the clean-up, if the car needs it.

Via us, you can experience the popular Ride of the Northern Lights. Come and experience something unique on your holiday.

Ask for the quote for the Ride of the Northern Lights:

Payment methods: cash, Visa, MasterCard.